The secret of our formulas is our Magic Ingredient! The way we bring joy into everything we do.




The secret of our formulas is our Magic Ingredient! The way we bring joy into everything we do.


  • Purpose

    Inventing joy

    All creations and inventions have a secret that is kept under lock and key. And it is no different here.


    But there is something all our formulas have in common: our Magic Ingredient! We put a playful touch in everything we do that feeds our purpose of Inventing Joy.


    • We believe that:

    • Being different is a good thing

    • Working is fun

    • The more integrated we are, the better

    • Good is not enough

    • Doing good is necessary

  • Magic Ingredient

    A playful touch

    Our inner child enables us to see things in a fun, joyful and limitless way. So we have a strong connection with our inner child. 


    All our brands and the way we do business need to have a playful touch to fit in with The Fini Company way of being. 

  • Qualities

    We are passionate

    About the things we invent. That is what drives us to provide quality products and services, innovation and excellence.


    We take care of what is special. We do magic. We enchant. We love to invent, dream, imagine and create without worrying about barriers and judgements. 

  • Invent.

    The world needs experimenters. People who create surprising things to make life more fun.

    Being original gives you butterflies in your stomach. Playing with the unexpected brings back your inner child. And only when we go off script, do we truly connect with people.

    So, if we are going to do it, let’s do it with a playful touch. If we are going create it, let’s make it unique. If we are going to serve, let’s make someone smile. Because joy is contagious, rejuvenating and indispensable for life.

    And sometimes a moment of relaxation can mean everything to someone. We exist to invent joy and make the routine fun. More than making sense, it makes people feel. More than logic, magic.

    We are a laboratory of ideas for those who want to do things differently. We are committed to ethics, quality and the surprise effect. We are a factory with a magic ingredient. We never stop inventing and dreaming.

    Because for those who dream, the possibilities are infinite.