Fini sponsors VHCC’s ‘Culture For Everyone’ project in Jundiaí.

Fini sponsors VHCC’s ‘Culture For Everyone’ project in Jundiaí.


Initiative offers cultural workshops to city dwellers. Registration is open and can be done in person or on the website.

São Paulo, August 2021 – In one more initiative based on the social responsibility pilar and within its mission of surprising and enchanting, Fini, brand of the gobal company “The Fini Company”, sponsors ‘Culture For Everyone’. This project, supported by the State Government’s ProAc ICMS, through the Culture and Creative Economy Office, is held at the Vila Hortolândia Community Center – VHCC.

The action includes nine free cultural workshops for Jundiaí dwellers. There are, in total, almost 500 openings for ballet, capoeira, circus, choir, cinema and reading clubs, theater, belly dance, and LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language). Each of the activities will be conducted by an experienced and trained professional. The classes are scheduled to start in the beginning of September.

To participate, all you have to do is enroll on the internet, by filling out a form, or in person at the VHCC Office, located at 400, Dr. Amadeu Sacchi Street, Vila Hortolândia from 2 pm to 8 pm.


“Jundiaí is our town. This was the place which received us so well when we arrived in Brazil 20 years ago. And it’s with a great deal of joy and enthusiasm that we take part in this project, especially in the current moment when we need each other so much”, states Andrea Kohler, The Fini Company’s Marketing Executive Manager.

About the wrokshops:

➢ ballet – 75 openings

➢ capoeira – 90 openings 

➢ circus – 50 openings 

➢ choir – 60 openings 

➢ cinema club – 30 openings

➢ reading club – 30 openings 

➢ theater- 50 openings 

➢ belly dance – 50 openings 

➢ LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language) – 60 openings

More Safety


In accordance to Fini and VHCC’s commitment to our employess and participants’ safety, protection measures were also taken for the workshops to happen, such as sanitation of the materials and social distancing to ensure everyone’s health and protection, without losing the essence and the experience of the activities. 


About VHCC


O CCVH é uma instituição que oferece atividades de educação, esporte e lazer para a população de Jundiaí. O Centro Comunitário também é responsável por manter a infraestrutura e alimentação das crianças da Creche Ternura e Coragem. Todas as atividades oferecidas no local são gratuitas e mantidas com doações e verbas arrecadadas no show de prêmios, nosso bazar beneficente permanente e doações de notas fiscal paulista, sendo que todos os setores contam com trabalho voluntário. O espaço é aberto para todos que queiram propor, ajudar e participar das atividades. 

The VHCC is an institution that offers educational, sports and leisure activities to the population of Jundiaí. The Community Center is also responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and feeding for the children from the Ternura e Coragem (Tenderness and Courage) Daycare Center. All the activities offered in the place are for free and maintained with donations and amounts of money collected at the prizes show, our permanent charity bazaar and donations from “nota fiscal paulista” (paulista invoices), also,  all sectors count on volunteer work.