Fini introduces new packaging design

Fini introduces new packaging design

Brand repositions itself in the segment and brings a cleaner and modern look, 360o window, color standardization and new 3D characters to reflect the brand essence in innovation.

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São Paulo, June, 2021 – In the year it celebrates 20 years in Brazil, Fini, leader in the sweets segment in the country, introduces its rebranding. The new packaging identity brings  contemporaneity to its aesthetic elements and new display and information reading standards.

With the purpose of reflecting, also on the packaging design, the essence of an innovative brand, with a young and good-houmored spirit, Fini brings to the market the rethinking of its 10 classic products and this rethinking process is expected to be gradually extended to all its portfolio.

Among the changes, the new packages include a cleaner and modern design, with flatter fonts, color and reading standardization, 360o window for better visualization of the product  and of elements that bring a more minimalist communication with a clean aspect, open space, sharp edges and vibrating colors.


Besides the new look, to compose the packages rethinking, the company has brought new 3D characters with more contemporaneous aspects, who are full of personality and also represent an innovation cycle of our company.


According to Andrea Köhler, The Fini Company’s Marketing Executive Manager in Brazil, the packaging renewal brings protagonism to the brand in the category, mainly on the innovation pilar. “The project is part of an important move for the company’s repositioning in these two decades. The products are created with the purpose of exploring and stimulating imagination and creativity, as well as awakening each person’s inner child. That’s why this change has been made in a contemporaneous and good-humored way, bringing once again the brand’s originality and innovation to our customers”, finalizes the executive.


Our company, which is currently the biggest jelly candies brand in Brazil and a pioneer in this category, has won the Brazilian people’s hearts during these 20 years and received in 2018 the label of the most loved sweets brand in Brazil.


The new packages can already be gradually found at the main points of sales in the country and on Fini’s e-commerce.