The Fini Company opens Internship Program with selection phase on Tik Tok

The Fini Company opens Internship Program with selection phase on Tik Tok

Group innovates and proposes challenge to candidates for the first phase, which starts on September 1st

São Paulo, September, 2021 – The Fini Company, corporative brand from the group which includes Fini and Dr. Good, starts on September 1st their 2022 Internship Program. To participate, the brand proposes that candidates, in the first phase of the selection process, show their “magic ingredient” on a Tik Tok video with up to 1 minute and a half. The openings are for engineering students of various areas such as chemical, food, computer and production, as well as for students of  matketing and business administration courses.


In total, there will be 10 openings and four phases until the end of the selection process, which will be on December 1st, with online and face-to-face interviews, besides the submission of the video. Those interested may apply on Nube’s website which will redirect them to a Fini Company hotsite and there they should follow all the instructions for the participation.


In the 2019 Internship Program, out of the 11 hired candidates, 8 were chosen to remain in the company. According to Elisangela Lima, The Fini Company’s Human Resources Director in Brazil, internships are one of the most efficient mechanisms of including young people in the job market. “And this is why we give all the necessary support and assistance to students in this moment that they are starting out in their careers, in the trainee format. Moreover, for this year, we have created a way to allow their participation to be more like The Fini Company way of being, with joy and fun which, at the same time, allows us to see each candidate’s profile and synergy with our brand”.


For the openings, our group offers an allowance compatible with the market, which is increased every six months, food stamps, transport voucher, life insurance, medical and dental care, besides bonuses.